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About IOTW

Cryptocurrency mining has traditionally been a resource-intensive process, requiring significant processing power and energy. As such it is now concentrated in the hands of a small number of professional players. The IOTW blockchain technology is a completely new architecture with an innovative consensus protocol called Proof of Assignment, which allows IoT devices, no matter how simple they are, to easily mine IOTW coins without the need for any hardware change. The IOTW blockchain is developed for the common people around the world.


Connect Your Device

IOTW ecosystem is developed with an open SDK solution. Any connected devices will be able to download our software through firmware upgrades to join the IOTW ecosystem.

Start Mining

Once the device is turned on and connected, the owners of those IoT devices will enjoy the benefits of mining with insignificant power consumption.

Redeem Rewards

IoT device owners will be rewarded with IOTW coins which the devices can use to call up services or spare parts. The owners can also use the IOTW coins to buy goods, services and media content in open markets.
Design Highlights
Any IOT device can be used as a mining machine
No add-on material cost for IoT devices to do mining
Enable existing IoT devices to mine through firmware update
New Proof of Assignment method enables green mining, micro-transactions and instant transactions
API and wallet interface to allow service providers of any side to promote and advertise their services to the IoT devices owners
Allows small services providers and manufacturers to work together via open markets, allowing IoT devices to call for services on their own, when needed
IOTW blockchain will collect big data. Allowing global, city-wide, and district-wide energy saving optimization
IOTW will have AI to optimize household comfort and reduce energy bills
Why Is IOTW Better?
Our Vision
To bring blockchain to everyone.
  • The IOTW ecosystem is based on a new consensus protocol called “Proof of Assignment”.
  • Does not require high computational power for mining like Proof of work
  • Node mining capability does not depend on how many tokens the node has
  • Nodes can be deployed via an infinite number of IoT devices
  • Very secure
  • Instant transaction

Competitive Analysis
Mining method Proof of Assignment N/A
Required Processor & Electric Power Extremely low N/A
Additional Hardware Costs None or lower if using DPS chip Need computer board
Transaction Speed 3000 tps tx HongKong-USA 100000 tps all local 3 tps (Daily HoDl June 15th, 2018)
Chain Structure Blockchain decentralized database DAG
Use of Tokens Purchases of specific data and big data, goods and services, micro transactions Micro transactions
IOT Applications All normal consumer and industrial IOT devices In microcomputers
Deployment Potential Demo micro-mining code with chipset had hundreds of millions installed base Thousands in testing

Core Team
Our IOTW ecosystem directly connects the consumers and
manufacturers through the blockchain, allowing each to profit from the efficient and controlled shared use of data.
Strategic Partners & Investors
In The Press

IOTW is an IoT blockchain infrastructure project using proof of assignment to connect all IoT devices globally, create passive income in the form of micro-ming and allow for the development of decentralized applications on IoT devices.

Blockchain technology application by far has not expanded to each household. IOTW makes it a reality. It improves upon the existing utility and usability of IoT devices, gives users access to blockchain technology as well as passive income, makes mining cryptocurrency fully decentralized, makes mining more efficient and less energy consuming.

IoT device owners, IoT device manufacturers, cryptocurrency users and blockchain developers.

Spread the word, bring investors, help with partnerships, use the product and give feedback.

There is a link on the main page on the website.

Blockchain reaching tens of millions is no longer a dream.  The IOTW micro-ming software is being ported into chipsets and IoT devices, that are shipping hundreds of millions units per year.

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